Tommy, Rafeal, Edward and Grant – the servers at Stoner Pizza. Are you ready to know their life story?

Four people who are economically, psychologically and socially trapped in a life maze they didn’t create nor understand. They are part of a generation of high school and college dropouts trying to survive in this unrelenting technology-driven society.

Book Reviews

– Mark Wilson Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Jack Sholl is the new Shakespeare. But instead of writing plays that discuss the struggles of young romance, he tackles the modern-day struggles of those who are trapped in a bad economy and are socially aloof. Kudos for another literary masterpiece.”

- Susan Miller Moline, Illinois

“I've been following Sholl’s works and so far, this is my favorite. With Stoner Pizza, he gives a voice to those who are underprivileged, making everyone aware of how they fight for survival in this technology-driven and fast-paced world. More than that, he inspired me to appreciate everything I have in my life.”

– Betty Samuels Jackson, Mississippi

“Another side of reality is presented by Sholl. He never fails to amaze me with his works. His plots always make me feel raw emotions that touch the deepest part of my heart. Another book well done!”

Jack Sholl

The author of a number of screenplays, plays, fiction and non-fiction works, Jack Sholl is also a journalist. He’s worked for different newspapers in Virginia, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and he is also a former national editor for The Associated Press in New York.He has a special interest in science, medicine and technology.