The political climate is laden with discord but in this political thriller, the subject intensifies when the United States President falls into the fierce grip of an unprecedented illness. Revolving around a President's battle with Alzheimer’s, his talks with a drunkard and rash Russian president leaning towards war, and a corrupt U.S. Vice President eager to take charge, the plotline in this fictional screenplay follows President Jefferson Payne's White House staff as they scramble to hold together the political jigsaw puzzle that arises after the president undergoes brain surgery using a controversial memory loss cure from human embryo stem cells developed by a discredited neurobiologist. Based on new, actual scientific discoveries coming from today's biomedical laboratories, the plot also tracks the progress of a brilliant scientist working against all obstacles—political, scientific, religious, powerful and corrupt—to get the antidote to the doctors in time to restore Payne’s memory, save his presidency and halt potential war.