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Tommy, Rafeal, Edward and Grant – the servers at Stoner Pizza.
Are you ready to know their life story?

“You are trapped in an algorithm, which expresses itself in networks of nodes, which can rapidly shift multiple channels. At any one time, you are in a zone of nowhere, which is everywhere, which is made up of space and time and electric bits of data. It goes where you go. You are a neuron in a ganglia in a brain.

You don’t live in a fixed place. You visit Zones. Entertainment Zone. Work Zone. Shopping Zone. Eating Zone. Sports Zone. Resort Zone. Home Zone. All zones are the same and all nodes are the same. All structurally interchangeable. They just differ in streams of different data coming in and out of them simultaneously. They can be physical geographical places or places in space-time. Spread out all over the world and united by one common theme. Facts. Counter facts. Opinion and counter-opinion. And counter-counter opinion. Pseudo truths, signs, signals, colors,advertisements and commercials, curses and spells, presented in whatever cultural clothing works. You live in the geography of nowhere.

You’re not old, young, fat or skinny, tall or short. Dumb, brilliant, beautiful or ugly. You’re a node in a zone in constantly in need of redefinition. There’s really no “you” out there. It’s all ahistorical and the only history is this very second.”